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What are pens? The fountain pen is a commonly used writing tool. It was invented in the early 19th century and designed by American Waterman. The tip of the pen is made of metal, and it is sleek and flexible to write, and it is quite smooth. There are obvious trademarks and models on the pen cap or on the surface of the pen tip. It is also divided into dipping fountain pens, tap fountain pens, and ink sac fountain pens. Pay attention to maintenance and cleaning when using. History of fountain pens A fountain pen is a pen type writing tool that mainly uses metal as the body of the pen. It is filled with ink (mostly black or blue) through a hollow pen tube, and through gravity and capillary action, it is written through a duckbill pen tip. The severity is different, it can be said that it is the writing tool of Western calligraphy.

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