UNIVERSAL DIVISION OF TOPWIN CO., LTD. was established on 1 September, 2023.


Currently, the Division employs 12 staff members. Its export volume in 2022 reached approximately $9 million, and it is projected to increase to 12 million USD in 2023. The division’s operations are centered around Nordic retail clients, guided by the service philosophy of “expanding from point to area”. We focuses on offering a diverse range of products to retail clients across European countries, aiming to provide comprehensive services throughout the European region. 


Our team specializes in the fields of travel, fishing tackle, stationery, and pet supplies. With innovative product design as their left arm and a combination of high quality and competitive pricing as their right arm, we continually create value for supermarkets and professional clients.


We adhere to the core principle of “travel” ( “fulfillment” homonym in Chinese, indicating the fulfillment of duties ) as the cornerstone of our operations, “fish” (“joy” homonym in Chinese) as the guideline for our services, “civilization” (“stationery” homophone in Chinese) as the way to welcome our customers and “pamper” (“pets” homophone in Chinese) as the means to maintain customer relationships. Our dedication is to offer personalized products and services to our clients. Through steady growth and continuous improvement, we undergo ongoing transformation and development.


Add: 10F, MU Group, Building B16 (West Area), No.2560, Yongjiang Avenue, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. 315048

Tel: 0086574   27997980

E-mail: sales2@topwinnb.com


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