Marvel Acme Division of MU (1931) LIMITED. was established in 2017. 


The export scale will expect to 15 million in 2023.The product line covers outdoor supplies, household accessories, kitchen supplies, bags, customized gifts and enterprise uniforms. The professional team of the division has rich experience in production management, procurement, multinational sales service and global supply chain management, including several employees with overseas experience and foreign colleague. Marvel Acme Division is committed to serving more than 100 enterprises that include Fortune 500 and overseas industry leading enterprises in various industries in the European and American markets. It focuses on the planning and supply of customized gifts and complimentary gifts, and also participates in the commercial gifts supply of Gucci, Burberry and other well-known brands, and the supply of enterprise title products for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.


Marvel Acme Division is the eighth division of Market Union (MU Group).


Address: No.4 Buliding,No.920 (928) Qiqihar Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China. 200082

Tel: 00862160195910



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