MU News | Shanghai Party Secretary of Ernst & Young visited MU Group

MUGroup 2022-09-12

On the afternoon of September 9th, Mr. Tang, Shanghai Party Secretary of Ernst & Young, visited MU Group. MU Group President Tom Tang warmly received him. They exchanged views on corporate management, listing-related procedures, and tips on the meeting.

Secretary Tang visited the MU Group showroom and office area with Tom Tang. At the discussion, Tom Tang introduced the development history of MU Group, the current situation, development trends, and the planning of SC-STARMAX and BRIGHT MAX. Tom Tang pointed out that the two subsidiaries, SC-STARMAX and BRIGHT MAX focus on the export business of solar lamps, LED lamps, and consumer electronics 3C products respectively. Those industries have high business growth and promising development prospects. We hope it can stimulate the vitality of the organization and attract talents by shareholding reform, based on future conditions, following the development direction of the capital market.


Secretary Tang briefly listed the relevant procedures and precautions for listing and focused on the three conditions that a listed company should have, namely compliance, process standardization, and authenticity. He said that in the process of preparing to appear on the market, enterprises should first find the right positioning, which is in line with the national strategy; secondly, they should actively develop the company's talent in echelon construction, and acquire advanced technologies and products such as key core technologies. In the end, Secretary Tang concluded that the realization of value requires a process, and capital empowerment will give the company the wings to take off for the leap-forward development and the company also should establish a reasonable internal control system and achieve good management functions at the same time.


Albert Zhu, Managing Director of NINGBO SC-STARMAX IMP. & EXP.CO., LTD., Coco Wang, Director Manager of NINGBO BRIGHT MAX CO., LTD., and Fangfang Liu, Dep. The manager of the Group's Finance Dept. attended the symposium.


Zhehui Tang is currently Ernst & Young's Real Estate Industry Leader in the Chinese Mainland, Ernst & Young'sAudit Service Deputy Managing Partner in  Central Part Area of the Chinese Mainland, Ernst & Young Anhui Jiangsu Managing Partner, a member of the SSE STAR Market Listing Committee and the Restructuring Committee. He specializes in providing professional services for Chinese enterprises to finance in the global capital market, and also proficient in Chinese accounting standards and international accounting standards, responsible for the restructuring, restructuring, and listing projects of many Chinese listed companies, foreign-invested enterprises, large state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises, and the clients they serve are listed, the listing place covers Mainland of China, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and New York Stock Exchange, and has experience in multiple capital market listing services. Zhehui Tang has established many classic and original cases in the IPO market at home and abroad, has strong market influence, and is very famous in the industry. Zhehui Tang has deeply participated in the practical reform of mainland of China's registration system and has long provided professional consulting services such as fundraising, investment, management, and withdrawal of mainstream capital in domestic and foreign markets.