HuaWei, Senior Vice-Mayor of NINGBO, visited MU Group

MUGroup 2022-09-12

On the afternoon of Sep. 8th, HuaWei, Member of CPC NINGBO Standing Committee and Executive Senior Vice Mayor of NINGBO visited our company for investigation and research, group leaderships Tom Tang, Amenda Weng and Amanda Chen gave a very warm reception to them. The two parties had a cordial exchange on the situation of the international trade industry, the basic situation of the enterprise and their development.

Mr. Tang expressed his gratitude to the Ningbo Municipal Government for its support and assistance, and reported to Mayor Hua the general situation of the group, its main business, cross-border e-commerce operations and other situations. He pointed out that MU Group is mainly engaged in daily necessities and groceries, which is less affected by economic factors. However, due to the surge in purchasing and stocking of foreign customers last year and the decline in spending power, the business growth this year has been slow.

Mayor Hua focused on the status quo of MU Group's business development, the challenges and difficulties encountered and future plans, and fully affirmed the company's current business model. He pointed out that in addition to maintaining business growth, MU Group should sum up practical experience and actively think about the future business model, whether to continue to follow the old path or develop a new route, and whether to continue to maintain the traditional trade model or actively expand the cross-border e-commerce model. Efforts to explore the future direction of the business model of the international trade industry are not only a task faced by enterprises but also a task faced by the business system of Ningbo.
Relevant persons in charge of Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Bureau,Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Commerce Bureau, Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and Municipal Tax Bureau accompanied the investigation. Relevant persons in charge of the Hi-tech District Management Committee, District Economic Development Bureau, District Science&technology and Innovation Bureau, District industry and information technology Bureau, and District Tax Bureau accompanied the investigation as well.