MU Group | Feifan Tang, Ningbo Mayor, visited the company

MUGroup 2022-10-11

On the afternoon of October 10th, Feifan Tang, Ningbo Mayor, visited MU Group for inspection and guidance. Group leaders Tom Tang and Amenda Weng warmly received him. Mayor Tang and his party, accompanied by Tom Tang, visited the showroom and office.

Firstly, Tom Tang reported the current situation, including the group's business model, developing history, expand oversea markets (during COVID-19). He introduced that there is a “great battle of hundred regiments” in MU Group, which means a hundred groups are visiting a hundred countries, even a thousand cities. With the hard of the externalenvironment, we must keep more orders and more market share in the world.

Mayor Tang highly recognized MU Group's actions which expand overseas markets, as well as the “great battle of hundred regiments”. He asked current situation of the oversea market share of MU Group, the decrease in orders, the weakening of oversea markets, high inventories, and other uncertain factors during the Russian-Ukrainian war. He presented that the government of Ningbo will continue to support export enterprises, especially when the current export situation is not optimistic in Ningbo. In addition, he hopes the enterprise can expand more markets, to increase Ningbo’s export volume. He praised the business model and development performance of MU Group and believed that MU Group’s fighting spirit and pioneering spirit were worthy of recognition.

Mayor Tang stopped at the entrance hall in the Lobby of the company and said that he was deeply moved by an internal article by MU Group. His recognition and affirmation aroused warm applause from all colleagues. Finally, he hoped that export enterprises will work hard in the fourth quarter and get more orders to increase Ningbo's export volume.


Guanding Li, Deputy Mayor of Ningbo, Jinmao Zhu, director of Secretary-general of the Government of Ningbo, Fuyuan Yang, director-General of the General Office of the Government of Ningbo, Chengjie Li, director-General of the High-tech Zone Management Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committeeaccompanied the investigation.