The Director of Yiwu Free Trade Area investigated MU Group

MUGroup 2022-07-08

On the afternoon of July 6, Luo Huayong, director of the Management Committee of Yiwu Free Trade Area, visited our company for investigation. MU Group president Tom Tang received him.


Accompanied by president Tom Tang, director Luo visited the company's exhibition hall and then discussed it in the conference room on the third floor. During this time, director Luo learned about the company's import and export business and exchanged views on issues related to the planning of the Yiwu Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park. Director Luo said that this park would innovate and adopt the "separation of warehouse and office" mode and synchronously build a cross-border e-commerce logistics park to build a full link cross-border e-commerce logistics ecological park with "various products, complete lines, and excellent services" for cross-border logistics.


The symposium ended in a harmonious atmosphere. This survey has enhanced the exchange between government and enterprises and strengthened the confidence of enterprises to integrate into the development of the Yiwu Free Trade Area.