The quarantine time of visitors to China will be shortened

MUGroup 2022-07-05


On June 17th, Liang Nan, the director of Transportation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration, talked about whether the number of international flights would increase gradually in the latter six months of this year at a regular Press Conference. He said that on the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention, the orderly arrangement for the operations of international flights is not only beneficial to China's economic development and the movement of Chinese and international travelers, but also serves the sustainable development of the air transportation industry. At present, under the coordination ofthe Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, the Civil Aviation Administration is discussing with some countries to gradually increase regular international passenger flights to cater to travel needs.


Recently, many cities in China have adjusted the quarantine policies for inbound personnel, shortening the quarantine time. According to the incomplete statistics from the People’s Daily Health Client, Beijing, Hubei, Jiangsu and many other regions have already been shortened the quarantine time from “14-day centralized quarantine + 7-day home quarantine” to “7-day centralized quarantine + 7-day home quarantine” or “10-day centralized quarantine + 7-day home quarantine”.


Beijing: 7+7

At the Press Conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Beijing held on May 4th, it was announced that the isolation and management measures for risk personnel in Beijing were adjusted from the original “14+7” to “10+7”.

Relevant staff of the Beijing Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters told the People's Daily Health Client that on May 15, Beijing announced to shorten the entry quarantine time and implement the policy “7+7” means that “7-day centralized quarantine + 7-day home quarantine” for those entering Beijing. This is the second time that the centralized quarantine period has been shortened since May.


Jiangsu Nanjing:7+7

Recently, the staff of the Nanjing Municipal Government Service Hotline in Jiangsu stated that Nanjing now implemented the “7+7” quarantine policy for inbound personnel who have a place of residence locally, canceling the previous 7-day home quarantining and monitoring requirements. Besides Nanjing, according to the “State Council Client” indicated, the quarantine time for inbound travelers from Wuxi, Changzhou and other places has been adjusted from the original “14+7” to “7+7”, that is, “7-day centralized quarantine + 7-day home quarantine”.


Wuhan, Hubei: 7+7

According to “Wuhan Local Treasure”, the quarantine policy for overseas returnees in Wuhan has implemented new measures from June 3th, adjusted from “14+7” to “7+7”. The first place of entry is Wuhan, and the destination is also Wuhan, will implement the policy “7-day centralized quarantine + 7-day home quarantine”.


Chengdu, Sichuan: 10+7

Chengdu Municipal Health Commission released the relative answers to the adjustment of the quarantine policy for inbound personnel in Chengdu on June 15th. Among them, the closed-loop management measures for entry personnel at the Chengdu port are specified. Starting from June 14th, “10-day centralized quarantine” will be implemented for all entry personnel from the Sichuan port. After the centralized quarantine is lifted, the cities (prefectures) will be brought back in a closed-loop for 7-day home quarantine. If the destination is outside the Sichuan province, it should be delivered to the airport and station in a closed loop, and the relevant information should be notified to the destination in advance.


Xiamen, Fujian: 10+7

Xiamen, as a port city, previously implemented a “10+7” pilot for one month in April, reducing the centralized quarantine for some inbound arrivals by 4 days.

On June 19, the Xiamen epidemic prevention and control consulting staff said: up to now, if the destination after entry is Xiamen, and the “10-day centralized quarantine + 7-day home quarantine” will continue to be implemented. It means for the inbound personnel whose final destination is Xiamen, the centralized quarantine time in the hotel is shortened by 4 days.


As the entry policies and quarantine measurements may change in different cities, if have plans to visit China, it is better to find out the latest information, dialing the local government hotline or consulting MU group via E-mail, phone call and so on.