Commissioner of Customs and Excise Ma jianzhe guidance MU group

MUGroup 2022-06-01


On the afternoon of May 18th, Ma Jianzhe, Commissioner of Customs and Excise, researched MU Group. Leaders of MU Group Tom Tang, Jeff Luo, and Eric Zhuang received the customs leaders. 


There are the impacts of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the COVID-19 in the past two years in China, it brings unprecedented challenges to foreign trade corporate. In the meeting between Ningbo Customs and MU Group, Director Ma had a detailed understanding of our company's current situation and asked about the difficulties and problems encountered. Mr. Tang's gratitude to Ningbo Customs for its long-term concern and support for the development of MU Group, and briefly introduced the company's operation. 


After listening to Mr. Tang's report, Director Ma said that it is necessary for enterprises to strengthen communication with the government, continuously increase the study of various policies, accelerate development, and standardize operation during the special period. MU Group is a key foreign trade enterprise in Ningbo, Ningbo Customs will always support the development of the export business of MU Group and other enterprises and work together with enterprises to overcome the difficulties.