MU Group | Mayor Xing research MU Group Yiwu Operation Center

MUGroup 2022-05-20

On the morning of May 20, Xing Zhihong, Jinhua Mayor, to visited MU Group Yiwu operation center research and guidance. Mayor Xing and company representatives had a cordial communication which are the impact and solutions of the external environment such as war and exchange rate on foreign trade companies, during the COVID-19.


At 9 AM, Mayor Xing and his party arrived at the Group's Yiwu Operation Center and came to the office and showroom on the sixth floor. Wang Yi, President Assistant of MU Group and General Manager of ROYAUMANN CO., LTD., introduces the business overview and operation report of MU Group. After realizing the market distribution of MU Group, Mayor Xing was concerned about the negative effect of COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukrainian war, and he has highly appreciated that MU Group can carry forward the spirit of struggle in an unfavorable external environment, promote the transformation of digital trade, strive to control trade risks, advocate and promote the behavior of three keep and one gets. The mayor supports for MU Group to build MU Group building in the Yiwu Financial Business District, it can enhance the image of the corporate brand and form a foreign trade industry agglomeration effect.


In the process of visiting the stationery showroom on the sixth floor, Mayor Xing proposed to increase investment and development in product design and research, and increase the proportion of self-designed and self-owned brand products in export trade, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the international business industry. To this end, it is necessary to increase the talent introduction and talent construction in Yiwu, instruct relevant departments to provide the best talent service and support industry-leading companies to build talent highlands.


During the visit to MU Group Yiwu Operation Center, some colleagues were using fluent foreign languages to conduct the live show by Tiktok, they introduce products to promote orders immediately. Mayor Xing and his party watched the live show and representative their affirmation that the company actively promotes the transformation of digital trade and upgrading of foreign trade and explores the field of live e-commerce.


MU Group are located in Yiwu for over 24 years, the Group's Yiwu Operation Center has developed into one of the largest foreign trade export groups in Yiwu, even if Jinhua. There are more than 10 wholly-owned and held subsidiaries and business departments and the number of employees is close to 800 in Yiwu Operation Center, most of them have a bachelor degree or above, and 1/4 of the colleagues are proficient in a second foreign language. The office and showroom space exceed 25,000 square meters, and the logistics space exceeds 18,000 square meters.


Deputy Mayor of Jinhua City and Mayor of Yiwu City Ye Bangrui, Yiwu Deputy Mayor Yu Xingui, Deputy Mayor of Yiwu City Ge Qiaodi, and leaders of relevant departments in Jinhua and Yiwu accompanied the research.